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You’ve heard all the buzzwords - Unprecedented, Challenging Times, New Normal, Strategic Pivots. Now how do you move forward and apply the lessons learned to your healthcare marketing programs in the weeks, months and years ahead?

In this first-of-its-kind HITMC event, Ryan Lilly and Paul Berthiaume from the Matter Health group of Matter will share key takeaways and lessons learned while shepherding 30+ healthcare brands through the pandemic, social unrest and volatile political environment this year. You’ll hear firsthand examples from across the healthcare continuum, as well as direct commentary from four guest speakers representing their client base and the broader HITMC Community (think recent award winners!). And you’ll hear it all LIVE, broadcast from their inhouse video production studio (with appropriate social distancing of course).






Ryan Lilly, Vice President, Matter Health

Ryan has spent 15+ years leading communications programs for healthcare organizations of all shapes, sizes and stages. As Vice President of Matter, which was recently named the largest PR firm in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal, Ryan oversees the agency's healthcare group, Matter Health, which was recently named a top 20 global healthcare PR firm by O’Dwyer’s PR News. With deep experience across the entire healthcare continuum – including health tech, payers, providers, med device, life sciences and consumer health – Ryan consistently delivers high-impact, business-driving results for the brands he supports. In addition to setting the strategic vision for Matter Health, he also leads teams across Matter’s seven national offices in support of transformative healthcare brands from around the globe.

Paul Berthiaume, Director, Matter Health

Paul has spent the majority of his 25+ years in healthcare marketing building, running and leading all External and Internal Communications programs for MEDITECH. Now, as Director of Matter Health, Paul runs day-to-day operations and leads the large staff of dedicated healthcare team members in  executing elite integrated communications programs for clients ranging from startups to established brands that represent all areas of the healthcare spectrum. 


Topics of Conversation

Here’s some of what you’ll hear from Ryan, Paul and their guests:

  • The impact that a world living in constant Crisis Comms has on Media/PR strategy and programs.
  • How the postponement of in-person conferences and trade shows has irreparably forced brands to re-think their overall marketing strategy, both near and long term.
  • The impact this year has had on the subject matter and tone of content programs.
  • Budgetary lessons learned from a leading healthcare brand navigating new priorities.
  • How the social media landscape is now and forever altered.
With Guest Speakers From


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